Senior Architect

We are seeking individuals to apply to the position of Senior Architect who can demonstrate excellent judgment and the ability to think strategically. We are open to a diverse range of skills and experience including hand drawing, model making, and the preparation of visualizations.

Junior Designer

ArchiArch is currently looking for a junior level interior designer to join our team in the central office. The duties include working as a team member with both architecture and interior design staff members. It is preferable to be open to learning new techniques and design strategies.1

Senior Designer

We are seeking a Senior Designer with a minimum of 10 years of professional experience to work on ground-up low and mid-rise multi-family residential, retail, podium and/or mixed-use projects from design through construction. The awareness of the latest design software is advisable.


Innovative Design Award, New York, 2016


Best Project, Los Angeles, 2015


Best Planning, Seattle, 2014